Save Time and Money, with a superior product.
Steel Fibres ad Macro Synthetic Fibres



  • Eliminate mesh and some of your reinforcement. Speed up construction.
  • Due to the three dimensional nature of the reinforcing, the Fibercon steel fibres and macro plastic reinforce the edges and corners of precast products.
  • Reduced product damage and wastage is the main advantage of FIBERCON in the factory. 
  • Impact and demoulding damage is also reduced with FIBERCON. It has the advantage of being able to assist in the absorption of shock and impact loads. These often occur during demoulding and are a problem in the onsite installation.






Steel Fibres

FIBERCON is approved for use under AS/NZ 1546.1 : 1998 Onsite Domestic Waste Water Treatment Units. Many manufacturers are using the FIBERCON system. The Code allows for a reduction in the Concrete Thickness with the Fibercon Steel Fibre.






Macro Synthetic Fibres

Macro synthetic fibres have made many advances in medium and small precast products. FIBERCON Macro Synthetic conform to VicRoads sec 703 and 705







Full scale testing showed superior performance
allowing a minor amount of bar 



Wing walls

Eliminated difficult and complex mesh. 



Save Time & Money With FIBERCON. We will engineer your solution
  • Leader in Steel and Macro Synthetic Fibres
  • Custom fibre designs and packaging available
  • Excellent crack control
  • Superior installation performance
  • Unequaled cost-effectiveness
  • No handling or finishing problems
  • Variety of standard types and sizes available
  • Engineering and design assistance available...

Case Studies

FIBERCON fibres were chosen for Stradbroke Island artificial reef

Magnetic Island Walkway protected against salt corrosion

FIBERCON MP47 was chosen for Gold Coast Light Rail Project

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