Fibercon Shotcrete


Fibercon Shotcrete

Fibercon is used to reinforce shotcrete in major projects around the world.

Fibercon in shotcrete provides ductility to a normally brittle material. Fibercon Steel Fibre and Macro Synthetic Reinforced Shotcrete is attractive as it provides greater flexural strength, flexural toughness, improved durability and application efficiencies.

The homogeneous reinforcement of Fibercon gives resistance to tensile stresses at any point in the shotcrete layer. This also provides crack control from shrinkage and temperature gradients.

The use of Fibercon contributes to a lowering of project cost and improved productivity. Fibercon reinforced shotcrete offers a highly durable, timely and maintenance free support system that can be integrated into a ground support regime including rock bolts, cable bolts or steelsets

The toughness characteristics of Shotcrete are enhanced by the presence of a high tensile steel fibre throughout the concrete. The high tensile steel fibres bridge cracks thus enabling the concrete to support load after failure.

Macro Synthetic allows more flexibility, less risk and higher deflexions.

Long term durability is also enhanced as the fibres provide a matrix with a discontinuous reinforcement that can withstand a corrosive environment.

Fibercon Shotcrete can also be applied by remote robotic machinery at heights over 10 metres. This allows for a very safe work environment as personnel can secure areas while reducing exposure in difficult ground.

As a result, Fibercon reinforced shotcrete can be used in conditions that would otherwise require expensive traditional methods that could put personnel at risk. 


Save Time & Money With FIBERCON. We will engineer your solution
  • Leader in Steel and Macro Synthetic Fibres
  • Custom fibre designs and packaging available
  • Excellent crack control
  • Superior installation performance
  • Unequaled cost-effectiveness
  • No handling or finishing problems
  • Variety of standard types and sizes available
  • Engineering and design assistance available...

Case Studies

FIBERCON fibres were chosen for Stradbroke Island artificial reef

Magnetic Island Walkway protected against salt corrosion

FIBERCON MP47 was chosen for Gold Coast Light Rail Project

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