Ground Floor Slabs and Concrete Paving - How they save time & money

  • Completely eliminate steel fabric reinforcement: saving on both materials and labour
  • Reduce slab thickness: saving in concrete and placement costs.
  • Possibilities of wider joint spacing: saving on joint forming costs and joint maintenance
  • Simplicity of construction: simpler joints and no more errors in steel fabric positioning.
  • Increase speed of construction: saving time and reducing costs.



Save Time & Money With Fibercon. We will engineer your solution
  • World leader in steel and Macro Poly techonology
  • Custom Fibre designs and packaging available
  • Excellent crack control
  • Superior installation performance
  • Unequaled cost-effectiveness
  • No handling or finishing problems
  • Variety of standard types and sizes available
  • Engineering and design assistance available...

Case Studies

Fibercons “eMesh” chosen for Stradbroke Island artificial reef

full case study

Magnetic Island Walkway protected against salt corrosion

full case study

Fibercon MP47 chosen for Gold Coast Light Rail Project

full case study

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